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Warom Lighting Co., China Industrial Waterproof Low Bay Lights manufacturers and Industrial Aluminum Alloy Low Bay Lights factory.

Warom Lighting Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Huarong Technology Co., Ltd. Its predecessor was the professional lighting division of Huarong Technology Co., Ltd. It mainly operates in a relatively complex and reliable environment. Professional lighting products with high requirements and special performance requirements such as explosion-proof, waterproof, shock-proof and dust-proof.

Warom Lighting has strong technical strength, participated in the drafting of 13 national standards, obtained more than 300 patents, and has a well-known reputation in the industry for its ability to meet the individual needs of users and rapid response to user needs. The executive director of the association, the vice chairman of the Shanghai Lighting Society, the vice chairman of the Shanghai Lighting Industry Association, and the vice chairman of the Shanghai Pudong Intelligent Lighting Federation.

Warom Lighting has strong production capacity and has established an advanced information management platform. Key processes such as die casting, machining, welding, and spraying have been automated. It has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, ATEX, PTB, BV, LCIE, IECEx, DNV and other international system certifications, Huarong Product Testing Center has obtained the laboratory accreditation certificate of China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS), and is an ICECx-approved manufacturer's registered laboratory, which can independently complete environmental, optoelectronic, mechanical and other performance tests.

Warom lighting products are safe, reliable, green and intelligent, and are widely used in railways, electric power, factories, oil fields, emergency rescue, education, military products and other industries. Huarong Lighting has sales and service outlets all over the country, providing professional, high-quality and efficient services to users. Huarong Lighting is actively participating in the "One Belt, One Road" strategy, accelerating the pace of internationalization, strengthening international exchanges and cooperation, and providing high-quality products and services to global customers.

Warom Lighting adheres to the lofty mission of "creating value for users and realizing dreams for employees", and is determined to build the first brand of industrial lighting in China.

Industry Knowledge

What are lowbay lights and how are they different from highbay lights?

Lowbay lights are lighting fixtures designed for applications where ceilings are relatively low, typically ranging from 10 feet (3 meters) to 20 feet (6 meters) in height. They are commonly used in industrial, commercial, or retail spaces with lower ceiling heights that do not require the powerful illumination provided by highbay lights.
Here are some key differences between lowbay lights and highbay lights:
Mounting Height: Lowbay lights are designed to be mounted at lower heights compared to highbay lights. They are suitable for spaces with ceilings typically ranging from 10 to 20 feet, while highbay lights are used in spaces with ceilings ranging from 15 to 40 feet or higher.
Light Distribution: Lowbay lights are engineered to provide focused or targeted illumination for areas with lower ceilings. They are designed to direct light downwards or in specific directions, optimizing lighting efficiency for the intended space. In contrast, highbay lights are designed to provide wide and even light distribution to cover large areas from significant heights.
Brightness and Intensity: Due to the lower ceiling heights, lowbay lights do not require the same level of brightness or intensity as highbay lights. They provide adequate illumination for spaces with lower ceilings without overpowering the area with excessive light output.
Coverage Area: Highbay lights are designed to cover larger areas from greater heights, making them suitable for open spaces with high ceilings. Lowbay lights, on the other hand, are designed to provide focused lighting for smaller areas or specific zones within a space with lower ceilings.
Design and Size: The physical design and size of lowbay lights are often more compact and smaller compared to highbay lights. They are specifically designed to fit well in spaces with lower ceilings without compromising the aesthetics or obstructing the available headroom.
Lighting Layout and Spacing: The spacing and layout of lowbay lights differ from highbay lights due to the different coverage requirements. Lowbay lights may be placed closer together to ensure proper illumination in smaller areas, while highbay lights are spaced farther apart to cover larger areas from higher ceilings.
Light Output and Energy Efficiency: Lowbay lights typically have lower light output and wattage compared to highbay lights. They are optimized for energy efficiency and are often available in LED technology, consuming less energy and providing cost savings over time.
It's important to select the appropriate lighting solution (lowbay or highbay) based on the specific requirements of the space, ceiling height, desired lighting levels, and the tasks being performed in the area. Considering these factors ensures optimal lighting performance, energy efficiency, and visual comfort in industrial or commercial spaces.
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