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Warom Lighting Co., Ltd. Marketing Team "Sharpening Sword" Moganshan

Recently, the front-line marketing elites of Warom Lighting Co., Ltd. Market and colleagues from the market development center, sales service center and product center gathered in Moganshan to carry out a unique development training.

Moganshan is a well-known cultural and tourism destination both at home and abroad. The story of Moyer who sacrificed himself to forge a sword is the most concentrated and vivid portrayal of the Chinese craftsman spirit. The relocation to Nanxun is an important development node of Warom Lighting Co., Ltd.. The new pattern, new goal and new journey, and the team building in Moganshan is meaningful and far-reaching.

Arrive at the Moganshan Qinquan Valley Camp at 10:00 in the morning, and start the ice-breaking group. Under the leadership of the coach, all the students enter the warm-up state.

Team building

In just 20 minutes, the team songs, slogans, team flags, and formation designs of the five teams of Zhanlang, Xuelong, Bingdundun, Liangjian, and Lightning were all completed.


Snow Dragons


Bingdundun team

Bright Swords

sixty seconds fast
During this process, the team members kept communicating, constantly breaking through their thinking, and constantly using the rules. Through efficient decision-making, teamwork, and tacit cooperation, they quickly found the answer in the order of numbers from 1 to 30 within a limited 60 seconds, and reached the other side of victory. This process is the most vivid practice of Warom Lighting Co., Ltd.'s collaborative spirit.

Everyone pulls the rope with different strengths. The development of the situation is like a falling ball. The ball will always deviate from the original trajectory and undergo new changes. From the beginning, everyone thinks the task is arduous and unbelievable, to find out the law, and finally The slogan is neater, the action is more harmonious, the collaboration is more tacit, the sense of purpose is clearer, and the challenge is successfully completed!

A matter of course

The cooperation of each team member is seamless. They are connected by PVC pipes in their hands to transport the balls from the starting point to the ending point. The Warom Lighting Co., Ltd. team members also deeply understand that every position in the work is very important, and the company's development lacks No one can do it. Only with the same belief and joint efforts, the grand goal of "creating the most famous Chinese lighting brand in the world" can be realized as soon as possible.

don't fall forest
This project looks very simple, but the actual operation is not easy. Everyone has summed up the lessons of failure in the training again and again, established the trust of the team, learned to cooperate with each other, and increased the harmony and cohesion of the team.

The marketing team's "grinding sword" Moganshan is a vivid practice of Warom Lighting Co., Ltd.'s spirit of "learning, collaboration, innovation, and striving for the first", and the participants have gained a lot. Everyone said that they will apply the feeling, understanding and benefit of the development training to the work of the post, concentrate their efforts, forge ahead with determination, and contribute to the construction of a better tomorrow for Warom Lighting Co., Ltd..

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