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Goddess Festival company sends flowers to female employees

Nanxun is beautiful in March, and the grass grows and warblers fly for another year. The festival dedicated to female compatriots is coming as scheduled, and the 112th "March 8" International Working Women's Day has arrived.

On March 8th, at the beginning of work, Vice President Fan Shixia led the team to start the "The Most Beautiful Flowers for the Most Diligent You" activity, expressing care and condolences to female employees on behalf of the company, and wishing their lives to be full of laughter and flowers.

The first person to receive the flowers was Xu Yunfeng from the administrative center. The sudden surprise made her exclaim: "'s really amazing, this is the first gift I received on March 8th, the best gift... …”
Along the way, there were constant applause and surprises. The ones who were most touched were the female workers in the workshop. A bouquet of flowers was of little value, but this beautiful blessing, this sincere respect, made their hearts rise and fall, enough to make them reminisce for a long, long time...

A bunch of small flowers brought the hearts of female employees closer to Warom Lighting Co., Ltd.. Everyone said that they will be devoted to their work in the future, based on their job responsibilities, and be a "sound rose", which will become the most beautiful scenery of Warom Lighting Co., Ltd.'s development journey.

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