Warom Lighting Co., Ltd.
Warom Lighting Co., Ltd. is

China LED Lighting Lamps Factory and Die Casting LED Lighting Lamps Manufacturers.

It mainly engaged in professional lighting series products with relatively complex use environment, high reliability requirements, and special performance requirements...

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  • 50+

    Certified Patent

  • 133,300

    Floor Space

  • 3000+


CREATE UNIQUE lighting technology

Provide one-stop explosion-proof lighting solutions to customer, and create high value for business.

Technology Ingenious Manufacturing

Industrial intelligence is the development direction of Warom lighting. Warom lighting has strong production capacity and advanced production equipment, and has established an advanced information management platform.


Project & applications

With good stability, reliability and excellent protection performance. products are widely used in power plants, metallurgy, railways, electric power, oil fields, emergency rescue, military products and other large enterprises.

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