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Sing and dance to welcome the new year

Praise the struggle with singing and welcome the new year with dancing.

Song and Dance "Gong Xi Fa Cai"

Performer: Administration Department

Song and Dance "Workers' Union"

Performers: Marketing Services Department, E-Commerce Department, Finance Department

Dance "Romantic Cherry Blossoms"

Performer: Production Part II

On January 15, 2022, the "Warom Lighting Co., Ltd. Spring Festival Art Show" was grandly held in the lecture hall on the fourth floor of the administrative building. All employees gathered together to show their talents and express their feelings with wonderful programs that they wrote, directed and performed. , Acura ideals, pay tribute to youth.

Cross talk "Bite words"

Performer: Technical Services Department

Dance "Opening 2021 Song Mix"

Performer: Purchase one

Sketch "Five Minutes Fast Food Restaurant"

Performer: Technology Development Part II

Dance "You look so pretty when you smile"

Performer: Produce one

The opening song and dance "Gong Xi Fa Cai" was full of joy, sending blessings, happiness and auspiciousness, and best wishes for the Spring of the Year of the Tiger.

Live interaction

The dance "Night Park in Qinhuai" fully expresses the style of Jiangnan water town and the graceful grace of Jiangnan women.

Dance "Night Park in Qinhuai"

Performers: Marketing Services Department, E-Commerce Department, Finance Department, Information Department

The poem recitation "Meet the Future" expresses the pride and ambition of Warom Lighting Co., Ltd. people to pursue excellence and take responsibility.

Poem recitation "Meet the Future"

Performer: Equipment Department

President Li Miaohua, a calligrapher, wrote five "Fu" characters and five "Tiger" characters in five fonts: Zhen, Cao, Xing, Zhuan and Li to send New Year wishes to employees.

Calligrapher Li Miaohua sends blessings to the winners

Group photo

Overseas employees watched the cultural performance in the video sub-venue, and remotely presented Xiao's performance of "Original Landscape of Hometown", dance "Loveless Front Alliance" and other wonderful programs.

Xiao performs "Original Landscape of Hometown"

Performer: Technical Services Department

Remote blessings from overseas employees in Area A of the Technical Service Department

Dance "Loveless Front Alliance"

Performer: Project Information Department

The cultural performance ended with the chorus "Tomorrow will be better". All employees sang in unison to wish Warom Lighting Co., Ltd. a better future.

Sing "Tomorrow Will Be Better"

Performer: Procurement II

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