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The 2021 annual summary and commendation conference was grandly held

On January 15, 2022, the Warom Lighting Co., Ltd. Lecture Hall was full of joy, and the 2021 annual summary and commendation meeting was grandly held. President Li Miaohua, vice presidents He Jintian, Fan Shixia, Kong Fan and other company leaders and employees working in Nanxun and Shanghai attended the meeting. Take stock of the business results in 2021, put forward work ideas in 2022, and plan a bright future for Warom Lighting Co., Ltd..

President: Li Miaohua

President Li Miaohua delivered a keynote report. First of all, Mr. Li expressed his respect and gratitude to everyone for overcoming the triple pressure of overall relocation, market competition and the new crown epidemic, diligent work and selfless dedication. Mr. Li pointed out that Warom Lighting Co., Ltd.'s performance in 2021 has reached a new level, relocated to adapt to the new environment, the industry has formed a new pattern, and the team has shown a new look, and the development situation is prosperous. President Li emphasized that Warom Lighting Co., Ltd. will adhere to the business philosophy of "market priority, honesty and trustworthiness, co-creation and sharing", give full play to the hardware resource advantages, location advantages and policy advantages of Nanxun Warom Lighting Co., Ltd. Industrial Park, consolidate and develop professional lighting, speed up Develop smart lighting, speed up the upgrading of Huarong lighting industry, lead the development trend of the industry, and build Warom Lighting Co., Ltd. into a common cultural home for all employees.

Vice President: He Jintian


Vice President: Fan Shixia

Vice President: Kong Fan

President Li Miaohua presented awards to outstanding employees and took a group photo with them. Representatives of outstanding employees Gu Hongxiu and Mao Feiying delivered their acceptance speeches, thanking the company for their training, leaders' care and colleagues' collaborative support, and sharing their journey of working, learning and growing in Warom Lighting Co., Ltd. .

The heads of each center delivered speeches respectively, expressing that they will conscientiously implement the spirit of Mr. Li's speech in the work of 2022, fully realize the company's predetermined goals, and put forward work ideas for 2022 in combination with the actual work of each center.

The meeting had a warm atmosphere and rich content, summed up experience, analyzed the situation, unified thinking, clarified thinking, and boosted ambition. All employees were full of confidence, warmly embraced the spring of the Year of the Tiger, and moved towards a better future for Warom Lighting Co., Ltd..

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