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Warom Lighting Co., Ltd.'s Spring Festival Marketing Conference was grandly held

From February 25th to 26th, the Spring Marketing Work Conference of Warom Lighting Co., Ltd. was held in the company's lecture hall. The theme of this conference is "New Pattern, New Goal, New Journey". Company president Li Miaohua, vice presidents He Jintian, Fan Shixia, Kong Fan, leaders of market development center, sales service center and product center, office director and other related personnel more than 100 people attended the meeting.
President Li Miaohua delivered an important speech at the meeting. President Li praised that under the background of repeated new crown epidemics and slow global economic recovery, Warom Lighting Co., Ltd.'s sales performance has maintained positive growth, which is not easy. Mr. Li pointed out that the focus of marketing work in 2022 is to strengthen team building, make up for shortcomings, strengthen the brand, fully promote market expansion, and ensure the realization of sales goals. Mr. Li emphasized that after the relocation to Nanxun, Warom Lighting Co., Ltd. has formed a new pattern, clarified new goals, and embarked on a new journey. It is necessary to keep pace with the times and comprehensively improve Warom Lighting Co., Ltd. culture, and systematically interpret the core concept of Warom Lighting Co., Ltd.. Mr. Li finally said that if we do not master advanced technology and knowledge, do not have super market expansion capabilities, cannot accurately grasp the trend of industry development, and cannot deeply understand user needs, the mission of "creating value for users" will become An empty word. We must strengthen our study. With sufficient ability and clear goals, coupled with positive actions, the paths, methods and results of "creating value for users" will become more and more abundant, allowing Warom Lighting Co., Ltd. to bloom more brilliantly. light.

President Li Miaohua

The meeting grandly commended advanced offices and individuals in 2021. 10 offices including the Third Military Product Office won the Advanced Office Award, and also awarded the Rookie Award, Performance Growth Award and other awards. A total of 17 offices won awards. Yang Zhi, Zhou Yuna, Song Liyan, Qi Xuena, Ma Qiusheng, Wang Jianbo, etc. 6 The directors delivered their acceptance speeches and shared their successful experiences.
President Li Miaohua presented the champion award to the office

Vice President He Jintian presented the runner-up award to the office

Vice President Fan Shixia presented the third runner-up award to the office

Zheng Mengqian, general manager of the market development center, presented the excellent award to the office

The meeting also arranged system learning, industry exchange meetings, factory visits, product promotion and other activities. At the new product promotion meeting, Warom Lighting Co., Ltd.'s intelligent series products became star products, and the directors of the participating offices rushed to the stage to experience the intelligent control methods such as remote control and voice control, and praised the powerful functions and convenient operation of the products.

Visit the testing center

Visit the testing center

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New product display

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Group photo in front of the company's administrative building

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